In a nutshell - we are a solution born out of necessity.  Years of claims and healthcare industry experiences from every conceivable area of practice provided a unique insight into the deficiencies in the processes and permitted us to conceptualize and implement a solutions for you.

Adjudication Services Group, LLC and Adjudication Services Group NY, Inc. (together ASG) are a unique Third Party Administrative service focused on providing a full range of ancillary, operational and administrative services to the Insurance, Claims and Legal community. 

To truly alleviate as much of the burden Adjusters, Claims Examiners and Attorneys face daily in obtaining services they need to adjudicate / litigate their claims.

We are committed to providing our clients with an elite level of service that is visible in every aspect of our service, communication and product.  The commitment we make is not only to our clients but to ourselves.


"The quality of a man's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor." - Vince Lombardi

These are words truly to live by.  In the provision of service regardless of what service it is, there needs to be a commitment to excellence.  We believe this to be true for everything we do.  We must work to maintain that commitment and  not become complacent.  We do this by also committing to innovation and continued development.  In this way we bring to our clients new and unique solutions to their challenges.  

As a company, and as individuals fixing problems is easy....we want to be the ones who prevent the problems from happening.  Establish and maintain a reputation for quality and integrity in performance.  I believe that even in this technologically driven era a handshake should mean something, our word should have value and our actions consequences.  Therefore, Adjudication Services Group will commit to excellence, we will ensure quality and integrity in our products, our services and our vendor partners and our clients.  My personal vision is to raise the bar for the ancillary services industry to that which it was before.  Bring new innovative concepts to the market and to quote a CEO from my past "Have fun while doing it."  That is my vision, my commitment and our future.

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