What is the Alleviate The Burden Campaign?  It is our introduction to the claims and legal community to let them know that the future of ancillary services has arrived and is here to assist them.

It is our call to arms against certain elements of decline in the market today.  A return to the quality and integrity in service that used to be.

The campaign is a return to professional values and services designed to assist adjusters adjudicate their claims and attorneys litigate their cases. 

Bringing back to an industry a vendor "partner".  A term which continues to be used but meaning has been lost over the past decade.  This campaign is to let the industry know that we have heard the call for help, analyzed the issues and are here to offer you a solution.  Demonstrating that as your "partner" we will prove to be an asset to not just the firm, TPA or Carrier but to each individual adjusters. 

The campaign is not just about a solution.

The campaign is the solution.